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Cost effective Beauty Must Haves

Cost effective Beauty Must Haves

There are so many different beauty treatments available these days to mask imperfections and change the way we look. I personally prefer to highlight my clients’ natural beauty rather than cover it up! There are a few make up items I never leave home without! […]

Hot Weather – Dry Skin!

Hot Weather – Dry Skin!

Has the heatwave got your skin parched?! Mine too! so a friend recommended I try out some VERY affordable body moisturiser known as ”Aveeno!” Obviously to keep skin hydrated it is important to drinks lots and lots of water and of course diet comes into […]

Skin tones, are you warm or cool?

Skin tones, are you warm or cool?

Hi everyone, well i have been thinking about skintones lately as the seasons change so too do the colour trends in fashion! Are you warm or cool skin toned?

How to figure it out:

Warm skin tones look best in earthier colours and those on the ”warm” side of the colour wheel – Red, orange, yellow, brown, pink, and tones of these colours.

Cool skin tones look best in richer colours and those on the ”cool” side of the wheel – Blue, purple, green, and grey are some examples.


Find two colour swatches one in silver and one in gold.

Stand under a natural light source, remove all jewelry.

Place the gold swatch next to one hand and the silver next to the other 629px-Complement-Your-Hair-and-Skin-Colors-with-Clothing-and-Makeup-Step-1Bullet3-Version-2

The hand that appears to have a healthy, bright glow is the winner. The other colour will make your skin appear pastier.

Hair and Eye colour

Your natural hair and eye colour can help you figure out your skin’s undertone , this is the colour underneath your skins surface colour.

Surface colours can be: light ,medium, dark undertones can be: cool, warm or neutral

usually cool people have eyes that are blue, grey, or green and have blond, brown or black hair with blue, silver, violet and ash undertones. Warm toned women usually have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blond, red, brown, or black hair.