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Handbag Essentials

Handbag Essentials

We all have those little bits and bobs we just cannot go without! What are yours? I for one always need : Lip Balm Cover stick *Perfume Mascara/ Lash brush Blusher We have at least one of these covered and that is PERFUME because who […]

How to apply magnetic full strip lashes

How to apply magnetic full strip lashes

These lashes are available in different styles in our online shop. Whether you’re between lash refill appointments or just want a little extra oomph for the weekend. Perfect for weddings, parties, special occasions or to perk up your day to day make up look. Step […]

Why choose Newlookfx?

Why choose Newlookfx?

The world is flooded with lash artists/techs so why choose newlookfx?

I am reliable – I will not let my clients down, if you book an appointment with me, that time has now been set aside for you and only you. I am punctual, organised and have excellent time management.

I am professional – I have a mobile lash set up which includes a comfortable beauty bed, a mobile headlamp, a carry case for my lash products, hygiene supplies and consultation cards. I will explain the process to you beforehand and as we are working on your lashes and make you feel as comfortable as possible. To create a relaxing atmosphere I bring soft music so you can listen and enjoy as we chat or simply drift off sleep.

I use high quality products – As with everything there are many different products from low price point to high available on the lash market. I myself use high end products such as expensive glues and primers which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction ( although in some cases this is unavoidable for some clients) .

As an animal lover I of course use cruelty free synthetic mink eyelash extensions this means they are made from a synthetic silk or pbt fibre. This gives a natural feel to the lashes unlike the old fashioned hard acrylic type.

What is PBT ?

Polybutylene terephthalate material, or PBT, is a texturized yarn fiber material. Plastics can be made into a variety of materials today, and PBT is a kind of plastic fiber with a natural stretch and recovery properties, similar to that of spandex. PBT is a member of the polyester family of plastic fibers.

I style your eyes to suit YOUR needs and personal preferences – Just as the same haircut or style does not suit everyone, the same can be said for lash styling! It’s not ”one size fits all”, there are many different types of styling from which to choose. You can see more info on lash styling here – https://newlookfx.com/how-to-choose-your-lash-style/

There are multiple curls such as J, B,C,CC,D,L and lengths from 7mm right up 16mm ( although on average most people’s natural lashes do not go any longer than 12mm) available. These curls can be mixed and placed in different areas of the eye to create different looks for each client. We will go through your wants and needs during the consultation process.

I care – I am a perfectionist, and have always had a keen interest in everything art and beauty related. Having worked in the creative and fast paced world of professional cookery for many years I really enjoy flexing my creative muscle when I work on my lash clients. The eyes are the windows to your soul and they deserve a beautiful set of curtains! I want you to leave your lash appointment feeling gorgeous and ready to take on the world. Your lash health is important and I will not apply lashes that are too heavy for your natural lashes or lashes that wouldn’t suit your eyes. I will not apply eyelash extensions if all you really need is a lash lift treatment ( This entails perming/ curling and tinting your already thick natural eyelashes)

I have heard stories of clients having had harrowing experiences that caused them discomfort and it put them off having eyelash extensions. This will not be the case with Newlookfx, I am gentle and application of lashes does not and never should cause pain!

So if you’d like to give lashes a first time try or another go contact me and we can organise your mobile appointment today!

How to Choose your Lash Style

How to Choose your Lash Style

There are so many different options out there when it comes to eyelash extensions: Firstly choose your full set type: Classic – One lash attached to each natural lash you have Hybrid – A more textured look using a mixture of 0.15 mm and handmade […]

New to Lashes? Here’s what to expect

New to Lashes? Here’s what to expect

Hello ladies! You’ve probably noticed that eyelash extensions are increasingly popular these days amongst everyone, from celebrities, actresses and models to mothers, teens and spanning all age ranges. Eyelashes can be styled to suit everyone and anyone and here at Newlookfx I pride myself on […]

It’s almost Kris Kindle time! What do girls like? Here are some great gift ideas!

It’s almost Kris Kindle time! What do girls like? Here are some great gift ideas!

Yes!!!! It is almost the silly season! Time to think up some unique gift ideas for that one awkward relative, friend, partner or even co worker! A wise niece of mine once said ” all girls want are fluffy things and chocolate” she wasn’t wrong! However we also love cute, pretty, practical beauty treat gifts that make everyday life that little bit easier.

Here are some ideas of what to buy for that special lady in your life

You can’t go wrong with fluffy walk around socks ( as we call them in my house)

Gift hampers or giftboxes with natural skincare products like mosturisers, lipbalms, candles are very popular too:

Natural skincare products – Holos

Gift vouchers for her favourite shop or salon

I have never once been disappointed to receive a gift voucher for a salon, spa or hairdresser that i love and attend on a regular basis!

If there’s no time in this lady’s life or she is a stay at home Mam, you still have options! You can organise a pampering session in her own home!

Mobile eyelash extension and spray tanning gift vouchers are available right here:

Mobile eyelash and spray tan gift vouchers

If its a massage the lady of the house in needs, we’ve got you covered, you can have one right in the comfort of your own home with Kerri Denney!:

Mobile massage

Here are some other great stockings fillers inclusing magnetic lashes, perfume atomoizers, eyeliners, sleepmaks, all available to order online for delivery straight to your door:

Beauty Gift Boxes

If jewellrey is her thing you can get in touch with Busy Beaders to avail of their lovely handcrafted necklaces, charms, earrings and bracelets:

Busy Beaders

If you don’t know what she likes gifts vouchers can be purchased online with an option to ‘drop a hint’ to the person for whom you’re buying the gifts ! Check out these beautiful items ranging from clothing, to jewellrey and handbags from :

Your style your story

If you’ve got someone i your life who is working hard to stay healthy and happy over the holiday season you should grab a voucher for these very cool nutritionally balance meal packs ! Perfect for women on the go:

Gormetfuel vouchers

Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

Summer nights are looming! This is a great time to grab everything you need for weekends away, festivals, weddings and holidays away! Lash masks are perfect for those cat naps on flights and won’t interfere with your lashes or make up due to their concave […]

New Products Coming soon!!

New Products Coming soon!!

Newlookfx is launching new products very soon, Branded lashes are coming your way! To help me understand my clienteles wants and needs please let me know what is YOUR favourite lash style? Natural Full on volume Colourful Glittery Corner cat eye flick Not only will […]

Cost effective Beauty Must Haves

Cost effective Beauty Must Haves

There are so many different beauty treatments available these days to mask imperfections and change the way we look. I personally prefer to highlight my clients’ natural beauty rather than cover it up! There are a few make up items I never leave home without!

My ‘’just in case kit’’ includes:

Catrice concealer and correction kit
Sleek creamy blush set
Black kohl pencil liner
Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip balm
L’Oréal telescopic mascara

The concealer palette contains five different color squares, three skin tone colors in different shades, one pink, and one green. These even out small skin irregularities and conceal blemishes. The pink disguises dark under eye circles and warms up the skin while green is perfect for eliminating red blemished or patchy skin tones. These can be used before or after foundation to create a seamless look.

Sleek creamy blush is great on mature or dry skin, if you are prone to and oily skin type its beat to go for their powder range but the creamy set does contain three shades of blush, one of which can double as a highlighter. It can also be used as a lip color for a natural, subtle look.

Black soft kohl eyeliner pencil is really great for use on the top and bottom waterline and for getting right in at the root of the lash line to create density! I also use this at Halloween to draw on a few spiders etc. and use as a lip liner that time of year

Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip balm is amazing!!! I use it every day to moisturize my lips, brush through my brows to keep them in place and even to hold glitter eyeshadow on sometimes! I could not go anywhere without my lip balm! It only takes a tiny smudge of it to keep lips soft and supple.

Finally the crème de la crème of mascaras ….. L’Oréal telescopic (not the waterproof one) I wear this everyday as it lasts and lasts and gives my lashes the fullness and real jet back look I want from a mascara, the silicone mascara wand also grabs every single eyelash! It is pricey but if you save it as your ‘’going out mascara’’ you won’t regret it!

Hot Weather – Dry Skin!

Hot Weather – Dry Skin!

Has the heatwave got your skin parched?! Mine too! so a friend recommended I try out some VERY affordable body moisturiser known as ”Aveeno!” Obviously to keep skin hydrated it is important to drinks lots and lots of water and of course diet comes into […]