Beauty makeup – Debs

Beauty makeup – Debs

Its always nice to get glammed up for a special occasion and it seems they come in waves as we get older! The first big glam night out being your Grad or debs after finishing school. (Well it used to be anyway!)

Mostly for younger ladies with beautiful skin and not a wrinkle in sight, debs night out can be huge, it is one of the first chances you have to show your classmates what you are like outside of school and perhaps express that through your hair, dress and makeup for the evening; You may even have a crush you want to impress who knows!

I did a debs makeup on a lovely young lady recently, she wanted a smoky eye but not too dark, she had lovely sallow skin and very bright blue eyes.

We all have insecurities and this particular girl was not a fan of her nose so i used contouring to give the impression it was smaller/ thinner.

Debs or graduation ball makeup
Debs or graduation ball makeup Before