Cost effective Beauty Must Haves

Cost effective Beauty Must Haves

There are so many different beauty treatments available these days to mask imperfections and change the way we look. I personally prefer to highlight my clients’ natural beauty rather than cover it up! There are a few make up items I never leave home without!

My ‘’just in case kit’’ includes:

Catrice concealer and correction kit
Sleek creamy blush set
Black kohl pencil liner
Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip balm
L’Oréal telescopic mascara

The concealer palette contains five different color squares, three skin tone colors in different shades, one pink, and one green. These even out small skin irregularities and conceal blemishes. The pink disguises dark under eye circles and warms up the skin while green is perfect for eliminating red blemished or patchy skin tones. These can be used before or after foundation to create a seamless look.

Sleek creamy blush is great on mature or dry skin, if you are prone to and oily skin type its beat to go for their powder range but the creamy set does contain three shades of blush, one of which can double as a highlighter. It can also be used as a lip color for a natural, subtle look.

Black soft kohl eyeliner pencil is really great for use on the top and bottom waterline and for getting right in at the root of the lash line to create density! I also use this at Halloween to draw on a few spiders etc. and use as a lip liner that time of year

Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip balm is amazing!!! I use it every day to moisturize my lips, brush through my brows to keep them in place and even to hold glitter eyeshadow on sometimes! I could not go anywhere without my lip balm! It only takes a tiny smudge of it to keep lips soft and supple.

Finally the crème de la crème of mascaras ….. L’Oréal telescopic (not the waterproof one) I wear this everyday as it lasts and lasts and gives my lashes the fullness and real jet back look I want from a mascara, the silicone mascara wand also grabs every single eyelash! It is pricey but if you save it as your ‘’going out mascara’’ you won’t regret it!