Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Not just for the younger generation, lashes can open, highlight and give luxurious volume to your eyes, no mascara required for the next 3 – 4 weeks! great for women on the go, cutting out time and effort n the mornings, and wonderful for partie, Weddings, special occasions like Christmas time!

Lashes come in a variety of colours and curls o whether you are introvert or extrovert we will style a look just for you ! So dont be shy! book in and try them on for size!

Lyns camera pics11
C curl lashes
C curl lahes – This curl can look different on everyone depending on your own natural lashes and how they grow
C curl for these gorgeous almond eyes
D curl lashes , lash rescue as natural gaps had formed from autumn lash shed

Lash extensions do not damage your lashes, if you pull them out or out mascara on them they will get damaged but a lot of client find that their own lashes grow better after having lashes on since they don’t touch them!

Between lash sets rub a little coconut oil onto your lashes to help condition and urge them to grow.