Festival time

Festival time

Festival goers! The latest trends in make up are so much fun! Everyone should be messing around with crazy make up and Glitter galore!

One way to spice up your festival look is to use ‘’Glitter lips!’’ they can be purchased right here on my website! So many colours to choose from and you can let your imagination go wild!

Quick tip: Use it mixed with some hair gel to give your hair glitter streaks or do a glitter split!

If you’re not great with strip lashes but you want to intensify your eye make up, grab a set of Magnetic lashes right here on Newlookfx.com! No glue needed they simply sandwich your own lashes in between, snap and go!

Magnetic Lashes from NewLookFX

Festival check list:

Pop up tent

A wind up or solar powered phone charger

Duct tape ( to fix any rips or tears that may occur in your tent)

Baby/ Face wipes

Deodorant wipes

Sandwich bags – resealable to keep things water proofed!

Blister patches

Extra socks/ dry clothes

Poncho for the rain

Toothbrush/ toothpaste minis or thumb brushes!

Plan your outfit with pockets or a bum bag to keep essential items safe and to hand

Head lamp – this will be your best mate!

Sun cream

Enjoy and drink sensibly!