How to Choose your Lash Style

How to Choose your Lash Style

There are so many different options out there when it comes to eyelash extensions:

Firstly choose your full set type:

Classic – One lash attached to each natural lash you have

Hybrid – A more textured look using a mixture of 0.15 mm and handmade fans of 0.05mm /0.07mm or 0.03mm thickness

Volume – This can be done using 2 – 6 or in some cases 8 very very thin lashes of handmade fans of 0.05mm /0.07mm or 0.03mm thickness

Mega Volume – This is done using 6 or in some cases 8 -10 very very thin lashes of handmade fans of 0.05mm or 0.03mm thickness

Now you need to choose a style look

Most of the popular looks are as follows. These looks can be tweaked for most eye shapes thanks to the variety of curls and lengths at a lash artists disposal.

Cat eye:

Cat eye in volume

Open eye

Open eye in volume

Dolly Lift

Dolly lift in hybrid

Depending on your eye shape and lash health, most of these looks can be achieved or be styled close enough to what you desire. With some clever styling by your lash tech we can get it close to or a version of what you want but its best to keep an open mind as not everyone has the same eye shape and lash health. When I ask clients what they would like I often gett he response ” I want them really long and really full” I then need to explain that unfortunately these are tow different things, the longer the lashes applied are, the more sparse they will look, however; if its fullness/volume and density you are after its best to go shorter because they can be made to look more noticeable by using a stronger curl. I know! TMI right?

It is said that the ”most desirable eyeshape is the Almond shaped eye” If you have this shape then you are one lucky duck! Its an easier shape with which to apply lashes in different styles and also play with eyeshadow and liner.

For example if you have downturned eyes you will be best to opt for a CC or D curl on the outer half of the eye to Lift your eyes .

If you have monolid eyes ( meaning you do not have a crease on your eye) then a nice CC/ D or even L curl can work to really open up the eyes. There are many eyeshadow tricks that can also be used to edit how your eyes look.

Protruding eyes I would usually go for a softer curl such as a B C or CC combined with a more natural lash look so as not to give a ”startled look” to my client.

There is a tonne of options out there but don’t get disheartened! Do some research for lash looks you love and bring a picture along to your lash tech so they can try to emulate this look for you on YOUR eye shape. Not all looks suit all eye shapes and if your lash tech cares they will explain what is the best option for YOU. Get in touch to book an appointment with Linda of NewlookFX and lets Fabulize your eyes!!

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