Jacques Tange – Dutch Artist

Jacques Tange – Dutch Artist

Jacques Tange

An incredibly talented and well known Dutch artist, Jacques was born in 1960 in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. He knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist and was educated at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam.

Jacques Tange – Dutch

Recognisable themes regularly return in his artistic work about the relationship between man and woman, the urban jungle and the isolation of the human being. His art is quite provocative and vibrantly coloured which immediately draws your eye.

Jacques says ‘’ It was by the age of fourteen that I discovered people actually make a living doing what they love. This is when I decided to become a professional artist.”

After deciding Rotterdam had ‘’too many rules’’ Jaques dropped out and enrolled at the free academy of The Hague where everything was possible. He had an amazing time and mentor and learned a lot about painting but also about more practical matters like creating his own frames.

Tange is obsessed with the erotic effect the woman has as an illusion, has on a man as a voyeur. In his expression the woman’s buttocks are a phenomenon in a brutal but nevertheless loving manner.

The paraphrase takes shape in the illusion of nature which is given a fairytale character provided by the wealth of colours and the rhythm of the landscapes. In this fairytale animals, which have escaped the mechanical, come to life; fairground horses, wind-up birds. They are the messengers of destiny that threaten civilization. 

Read the full biography of Jacques Tange in the marvellous book ”The garden of Eve” written by Jan Donia. Or discover Tange’s poetry together with short stories about his life in the book” Cloudy with occasional little suns” written by Jacques Tange himself. 

He has recently taken to creating artworks using different types of canvas, in the form of products such as bottle, umbrellas, and even hand painted face masks which we have the privilege to sell here in our online shop https://newlookfx.com/product-category/fashion/