Mature older skin

Mature older skin

Make up for mature skin

Some older women fear looking like ”mutton dressed as lamb” but when the right products are used a subtle polished glamorous look, this is perfect for big events such as christenings, birthdays,weddings or any night out! As we mature our skin begins to change and so do the products we may need to use, so do your research before slathering on the same face moisturiser (etc) you’ve used for 20 yrs!

As previously mentioned older skin can be difficult to tackle, make sure to moisturize the skin, avoid powders (only use a little to set the make up) and avoid frosted iradescent shadows containing mica – a powder that settles into wrinkles.

here is an example of a ”polished” look on a 78 yer old lady.


10518707_1509461859290154_1365189094488377772_n BeforeMature makeup resizedAfter