Mermaid Creation

Mermaid Creation

Work experience

In March 2014 I had the pleasure of helping Frances Galligan with the make up for a short film called ”Necroneirism”

The film is about a writer who fantasises about a life of a very different kind, so much so his dreams become a reality. I was lucky enough to help Frances to do the make up and prosthetic application of shells and coral onto the mermaid character of the movie.

We travelled to Howth in Dublin on a misty cold day! We wobbled and slipped as we made uor way accross sharp bumpy rocks to gte close to the water. The initial plan was for the mermaid to swim off into the distance an be filmed doing so but alas the tide was not on our side!

In the end we had to try get the poor girl (Model and actress – Edel Quinn) into a tight fitting mermaid tail upon a rock on the sea! We then had to blend the tail into her abdomen skin so it looked more realistic. As the actress needed to be topless apart from prosthetic shell bra cups (made by Frances) she needed to be kept warm with blankets and foil sheets whch i made sure to wrap her in since i am personally NOT a fan of the cold!

We used a piece of latex that Frances made into a thin strip to stick to the waist band of the tail and to the actresse’s skin. This was covered by some netting that was already being used on the tail costume. The idea of using latex was to be sure the costume would be waterproof so the mermaid could swim in the sea without the costume falling apart. In the end we did not shoot her swimming but jumping from the rocks towards the sea. Her make up was excellent and the prosthetics also. Frances did a wonderful job and I am delighted to have been invited to help her.

Everyone on the film that day was realy nice The director, Assistant director, costume designer, actress and actor that were there. We all had lunch in a seafood restaurant afterwards. Everyone was hungry from climbing up and over rocks and breathing in the fresh sea air. It was w onderful day and it got me very excited about future projects like this!

Tips: Always bring warm clothes, an extra pair of socks, scarf, snood and gloves if shooting outdoors. A flask of tea or coffee and some biscuits also good! Bring a bottle of water and a warm blanket and towel for your artist. They will thank you later!

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