New to Lashes? Here’s what to expect

New to Lashes? Here’s what to expect

Hello ladies! You’ve probably noticed that eyelash extensions are increasingly popular these days amongst everyone, from celebrities, actresses and models to mothers, teens and spanning all age ranges. Eyelashes can be styled to suit everyone and anyone and here at Newlookfx I pride myself on styling each client to their personalised needs and taste.

There are many different lengths, curls and thicknesses available and I have them all! 

What are the different choices in lashes?

Classic – This application method uses one single lash usually in 0.15mm thickness applied to your natural lash about 1/2 – 1mm from the skin of your lashline – not touching the skin. This is a pretty and flirty natural look and can be done in a variety of curls and styling.If you already have close nit lashes you can gain a dense look from this styling, if you have more sparse lashes then the look will be more wispy and light.


Glamorous/ Hybrid – This option is a mixture of classic and volume lashes so you can concentrate the volume fans where you want extra density for example the outer edge, or even add some texture by mixing curls and lengths.

Volume lashes – Volume lashes aka russian volume eyelash extensions are applied by hand fanning very thin lashes in 0.03/0.05 or 0.07mm lashes to form a tapered end and applying them to each natural lash you have.

Lashes are not one size fits all, they can be styled in so many ways it would make your head spin!! From natural to full on dense volume. The choices are endless, they even come in different colours! Keep in mind that style options do also depend on your natural lashes, their health and how heavy an extension they can hold.

SO What its like to get eyelash extensions?

  • You will be greeted by your lash artist and asked to lay flat on a beauty bed
  • Your eyes will be closed and you will have you lashes cleansed ( think of it as a trip to the hairdresser for your eyes!)
  • Following cleansing, you will be asked to open your eyes so that eyepads can be placed to cover your lower lashes. Your eyes will be primed with a special solution.
  • You will then simply lie back and relax as you listen to music in the salon or even on your own earphones and application will begin.It is best to try and have a nap and not to talk too much as this will cause eyepads to shift and may lead to your eyes becoming a little weepy – this can interfere with lash retention and you want to get your moneys worth!
  • Application times vary but i personally allow 1.5 – 2 hours for a full set of classic or volume eyelash extensions. 
  • Once all is done and eyepads have been removed you will be asked to open your eyes and you can admire your new fabulous lashes! 
  • Refills are then required in order to maintain your gorgeous new look and are recommended every 2.5 to 3 weeks, after this time a full set would usually be needed depending on how quickly your lashes shed. 


They should not feel heavy or like they are sticking into your eye and should be comfortable so you can go about your business as normal.

If you feel itchiness or notice redness and swelling of the eye it may be that you are allergic to the adhesive that has been used. No cause for alarm, you can simply book in a safe removal appointment at your lash salon.

I hope this explains what to expect fro your first lash appointment! If you want to book in an appointment don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – Linda via email : or phone on: 0876700872