Magnetic lash kit full strip with magnetic eyeliner Volume style 29


Magnetic lash kits require no glue! These full strip eyelashes connect to your eyelid with magnetic eyeliner

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You’ve tried the corner lashes, now it time to try out a full strip of magnetic lashes but this time they come with a magnetic eyeliner! WHAT?!! yes! they won’t budge once you follow the steps:


  1. Apply the eyeliner, let it dry for a few seconds
  2. Apply the full strip of magnetic lashes until you position them where you want
  3. Flutter your eyes and check yourself out


If you’ve ever worn strip lashes and eyeliner your’ll know that the glue can sometimes muck up your perfect flick!

The magnetic eyeliner gravitates toward the magnets on the strip lash therefore allowing them to stick to your eyes securely and hassle free. No mess, no fuss.Make sure your eyelid is dry before application of eyeliner and wait until the liner is dry before attaching the magnetic strip lash, then move it around as needed.

Whats in the set you ask? well each set contains:

A full strip set of reusable lashes in its own compact with a mirror 

An eyelash applicator

A magnetic liquid liner

Eyeliner washes off with soap and water


Take a look at our application tutorial :