I had the pleasure of learning how to make prosthetic pieces at ”Bowsie workshop” in Dublin over the duration of my college course. The staff were very friendly and taught us all a lot. Everything from materials and their uses to how to cast a persons head from beginning to end.

To make a face cast It all starts with slathering the actor in alginate, then wrapping plaster bandages around it to reinforce the cast.

20140603_105733 Face casting


After this has set you will be left with a beautiful face cast of that person which can be filled with plaster and then mould clay upon it into whatever shape you want the prosthetic to become.I chose to make mine into a sort of Seahorse human hybrid. My prosthetic this time around evolved more into a mask like form. I had to use a piece of foam latex shaved into shape then stick it onto the rest of the prosthetic.The edges were a little thicker than i wanted them to be but I think we made it work. I used plastic in a vac form machine to make the eye balls so that she would still be able to see out of the mask.

mask prosthetic