Special OFFER!!!!! Classic Lashes Full set – 20% Off

Special OFFER!!!!! Classic Lashes Full set – 20% Off

SPECIAL OFFER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever wanted to try out eyelash extensions but couldn’t justify the initial cost? Well now is your chance! Due the success of our 20% offer last week we at Newlookfx have decided to extend the offer and run it once per month!!!

What are Classic mink lashes?

A ”Classic ” full set of lashes means we put one lash on every single natural lash that you have (the ones that are big and strong enough to hold a lash extension) they are cruelty free, made of synthetic mink material and they hold their curl unlike ”real mink”.  They are soft and mimic a real lash but give you the curl and length you covet! They feel just like your own lashes and there is NO need for mascara with them mascara is a no no! Wake up without make up and feel good after getting your lashes done! refills are recommended at about  every 2.5 – 3 weeks and cost €50 at 2 – 2.5 weeks and €60 at 3- 3.5 weeks. Lift and open your eyes without surgery!

The next date to avail of  this very special offer is Saturday August 13th, get those bookings in early to avoid disappointment! contact Linda on 0876700872 Keep an eye on our facebook page to stay up to date with our special offer dates!