Summertime is here!! Thinking of Going to work abroad?!

Summertime is here!! Thinking of Going to work abroad?!

Summertime is here! Thinking of working abroad?!!

A few yrs back ( 10 to be exact) I Left Ireland because I was bored… bored of the rain and the same old routine. I decided to take a job I found on: FYI a great site for finding English speaking jobs abroad!

The job was for a ‘’chef’’ just in general ‘’chef’’ no ‘’chef de partie’’, ‘’Junior sous’’, ‘’Sous chef’’, ‘’Head chef’’ In Glyfada in Athens – Greece. This was so exciting for me as I had never ever visited Greece not even for holidays! After chatting with the owner and one or two employees I decided to go for it and move to Greece for a while!? My friends were shocked and thought I was mental! Dad was concerned as he hadn’t been either and mam was excited about it! At the youngish age of 23 I headed over! I walked into the Irish pub where I would be working and was nearly floored by the cloud of cigarette smoke! The smoking ban hadn’t come in yet, it was like going back in time there!

GREECE WAS BRILLIANT! Such a different world, clear turquoise seas, sandy beaches, Delicious food like Yemista, Lamb on a spit, Dolmades, different drinks such as Ouzo, Raki, Mastika and a warm welcoming people, 90% of whom speak wonderful English. Who wouldn’t enjoy finishing work at 17.00, and going to the beach where it was still hot enough to swim and sunbathe! If you wanted to Meet other expats you could do so via :
The Greek/irish Society :
& through other facebook pages like ‘’Expats in Athens’’ Expats In Athens

I began to build a life for myself over there. I even volunteered at the bazaars to help raise funds with the wonderful Nine Lives Charity :

I was lucky enough to meet my now husband Evangelos one evening during a very impromptu drinking competition between myself and 2 other girls! He showed me restaurants and beaches I wouldn’t have known existed or I would’ve been too shy to go into with my poor Greek!

I would strongly recommend to anyone in their 20s to go to Greece to work on the mainland of indeed Islands or just pick a random country, get a job and just go there for a few months to work during Summer or longer. You will not regret it, and as the barman in my job in Greece said to me ‘’Sure what’s the worst that can happen? You fly home after a month if you don’t like it?’’