About Us

My name is Linda Kelly Chronopoulos (Yes I married a Greek!). I am a qualified chef but after years of working in the industry I decided to change to something I have always had a passion for….. Sfx makeup! My favorite holiday is Halloween and I have always made homemade costumes since I was 8 yrs old! I realised recently that I wasn’t as happy cheffing as I would be doing what I am really interested in.

Since my decision to change career I have completed a home study course in makeup artistry and a course in SFX makeup for tv and film and have provided on-site makeup effects for a number of Irish film productions including ‘Poison Pen’ where I worked on Mary Murray (aka Janet) from the popular Love Hate programme!

This industry is ever changing and there is always something new to learn. I enjoy many different aspects of the makeup world from beauty and bridal to theatre, body painting and gore and guts of sfx! I am very interested in body painting and hair knotting and had the opportunity to learn these throughout the duration of my course. I recently took part in the first ”Dublin gay pride body painting jam” It was a great day with all the creative freedom you could want!