Want long, luscious eyelashes? Here are some tips on how to encourage eyelash growth

Want long, luscious eyelashes? Here are some tips on how to encourage eyelash growth

When it comes to hair, nail and lash growth there are many factors which come into play. Our eyelashes have 3 growth stages, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Our eyelashes grow at different rates, this is why some weeks you’ll feel your lashes are very full or very long and at other stages they may seem to be appear more sparse.

The lash growth cycle

Anagen – ( Growth phase) Nourishment of the hair follicle via blood supply enables hair growth , this is the beginning and the ”baby lash” phase lasting 30-45 days

Catagen – ( Transition phase) Hair follicle detaches from nourishing blood supply a teenage lash phase lasting 2-3 weeks

Telogen – (Resting phase) Without nourishment the hair dies and falls out, this is the adult lash phase lasting 3-4 months

It’s difficult to tell what at which stage your lashes are unless you are a lash tech who can examine them close up. This is also the reason some lash refills can be done using longer eyelash extensions than at other stages in the cycle. For instance a baby lash cannot hold a very long eyelash extension as it will simply snap under the pressure, ( imagine a baby trying to lift a 1kg weight!) therefore your eyelash tech will only place an extension on the ones that are able to take it.

There ARE things we can do in our everyday lives to improve our natural lash strength and length!

  1. Diet – Eat foods rich in B vitamins such as salmon, almonds, spinach, sweet potato, mushrooms, cheeses. The active ingredients in most lash serums are Biotin and Peptides The conditioning ingredients hydrate and plump the lashes while peptides stimulate growth.You can also take biotin supplements – ideally in the morning time to aid energy levels throughout the day.

2. Exercise – Good circulation increases blood flow to our cells which in turn promotes waste removal, speeds up metabolism and renews our cells – i.e helps your hair, nails and lashes grow! You don’t have to be a gym bunny to incorporate movement into your day, there are loads of free youtube videos you can follow and one of my personal favourites is https://www.sanfranfitness.co.uk/

They have a wide range of classes available, short and longer videos . I love their bounce fit videos as the trampoline is so much fun and doesn’t put pressure on your joints! I also love to do the step classes to mix it up. An added bonus of exercise of course is weight loss, toning and of course a confidence boost!

3. Lash serums- you can buy eyelash growth serums online ( newlookfx.com) or make your own using:

1/4 part alcohol free aloe vera gel

1/4 part castor oil

1/2 part vitamin E oil – combine the ingredients in an empty bottle and brush through your lashes at night using a clean mascara wand. Wash this wand thoroughly after each use. Only use this particularly oily mixture when taking a break from eyelash extensions.